Tax Planning and Consulting

Tax planning before the end of the financial year (30 June) is essential to ensure seamless cost effective tax compliance.

The process of preparing a tax plan involves an analysis of your financial statements, projected income and projected expenses for the remaining months of the financial year.

After analysing your financial statements, the accountants at Distinct Accounting will assess a number of possible tax strategies. We will recommend actions for you to take prior to 30 June to legally minimise your tax liability, obtaining the best possible result for you.

Tax planning can also include reviewing the structure of your business. The challenge is establishing how to align the commercial needs of your business with it’s tax requirements in a way that produces the best possible result. Distinct Accounting will work with you to identify potential problems before they occur. We can help you find the right solution, not only for tax purposes but to strengthen your business.

Effective tax planning can improve the cash flow of your business, whilst working towards the long term objective of increasing your wealth.

We can also assist you with:

* advice and support with Capital Gains Tax (CGT)
* assessing and strengthening your Research & Development tax claims

Contact us now to discuss your tax preparation needs.