Business Mentoring and Management Consulting

Business mentoring and management consulting includes a number of value adding services that assist clients to improve performance and increase profits.

Building a culture around these services ensures accountability and drives high performance.

Our professional team will provide you with greater clarity and a deeper understanding of how your business is currently performing. This assessment will support you in the day to day running of your business, whilst also helping you to better structure your business, financial and personal goals.

Distinct Accounting will identify the weaknesses and strengths within your business. Our consultants can assist in rectifying these weaknesses or maximising your strengths, resulting in improved performance and increased profit. Monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly meetings are included in these services to bring accountability; ensuring that all items are actioned.

At Distinct Accounting, we can assist you with:

* goal setting, business planning and strategic planning
* budgeting and cash flow forecasting
* analysis of your current performance
* improving internal reporting functions
* analysis of key performance indicators
* ratio analysis
* profit improvement strategies
* trend analysis
* benchmarking analysis
* breakeven analysis
* succession planning and exit strategies

Contact Distinct Accounting now to discuss how our business mentoring programs can help you to create a powerful competitive advantage and build your financial future.